Notice of Privacy

NORI protects your data

The protection of your personal data is very important, which is why this PRIVACY NOTICE is intended to inform you about the type of personal data we collect from you, the way we use them, take advantage of them and with whom we share them.


NORI BEAUTY is responsible for the use and protection of your personal and sensitive data which will be treated based on the principles of lawfulness, consent, information, quality, loyalty, responsibility, proportionality and purpose in terms of the Personal Data Protection Law in possession of individuals.


Personal information As a customer of any of our products and / or services


We may request personal information regarding:

The names that identify you, place and date of birth, address, occupation, federal taxpayer record, email, telephone numbers. As well as official vouchers, photographs and images that prove your identity and the information you declare (tax ID card, birth certificate, CURP, etc.), patrimonial data such as general information of your bank account, and in general, all personal information that is required for the correct provision of our services.


Use of personal information


NORI collects personal information, through electronic means or by telephone, in writing and / or verbally for the fulfillment of the following purposes: (i) To inform our customers and distributors about our products and services; (ii) integrate your file as a client, (iii) report any changes generated in our administration and / or internal policies, (iv) send products and / or correspondence by courier, parcel or certified mail, (v) generate invoices and payment receipts, (vi) evaluate the quality of the online service provided, (vii) for marketing, advertising and commercial projection purposes, (viii) perform statistics and research, (ix) newsletter delivery.


Transfer of personal information.


NORI BEAUTY does not transfer personal data; However, when necessary, it may transmit the information when a decision of a competent authority is issued, in a judicial proceeding, when requested by a governmental authority or in any of the cases required in article 37 of the Federal Data Protection Law Personal in Possession of Individuals

Limitation of use or disclosure of personal information


You can limit the use and disclosure of your personal information through the following means:

By email to:

Communicate to the telephone number: Tel. (81)

Responsible for the treatment of personal and sensitive data: Sara Mónica Zambrano Garza


ARCO Rights (Access, rectification, cancellation or opposition).


The exercise of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition or revocation, total or partial, consent, may be done in accordance with the provisions of the previous section "Limitation of use or disclosure of personal information", with the understanding that a Once they are embodied in a legal instrument or any other physical document, electronic in any other magnetic medium or any other technology, you may not exercise any of the aforementioned rights on them, being able to do so only with respect to those that are kept in our database .


In case of requesting the rectification of your Personal Data, you must indicate the modifications to be made and provide the necessary official documentation to support your request. The person in charge will respond to the e-mail address that the owner of the personal data designates in his / her request, indicating in the same a different means to receive said response. It will be answered within a maximum period of 20 (twenty) calendar days or the maximum allowed by law. The response will indicate if the request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition is appropriate and, if applicable, the determination will be effective within 15 (fifteen) calendar days following the date on which the answer or the maximum allowed by the law. The terms may be extended in the terms indicated by the applicable Law. The temporality of the handling of your personal data will be indefinite as of the date on which you provide them, and you can object to the handling of them at any time you deem appropriate. Use of tracking technologies on the Internet site to make purchases online.


When entering our website, the server saves the following information: the domain or IP address of the computer requesting access, the access date, the HTTP response code, the web page which enters and the number of bytes transferred through the connection, browsing time on the Internet page, sections consulted, and Internet pages accessed prior to ours. The information is obtained for security purposes in the system, as well as to monitor your behavior as an Internet user, provide a better service and user experience when browsing our website, as well as offer new services based on your preferences.


By sending via email and / or completing any of the online forms that appear on the NORI BEAUTY website; and / or provide your information when placing an order; and / or by providing them by telephone to the different representatives of NORI BEAUTY, you accept and authorize NORI BEAUTY to use and process in an automated way your personal data and information supplied, which will be part of our database with the purpose of using them in Enunciative, but not limited to: identify, locate, communicate, contact you, send you information, update our database, obtain statistics and promote NORI BEAUTY services.


Modifications to the privacy notice


This privacy notice may suffer modifications, changes or updates and when this happens, we will modify the date of the last update. Acceptance Notice of Privacy If you have any questions about this privacy notice or do not agree with its terms, you must state your opposition by sending an email to the address, otherwise, it will be understood that you have granted your full consent. Contact us if you want to know more.

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