For my face kit

For my face kit

The 100% natural konjac sponges are a basic product in the everyday skincare routine. The regular use of the konjac sponge helps to deep and gentle exfoliate and cleanse your skin. It can be use as a makeup remover for water-based cosmetics or just add your make remover oil to you face and remove it with your sponge.


This kit includes:

1 konjac wipe natural (6cms),

1 facial konjac sponge charcoal bambu.

1 konjac towel (16x16cms)

1 mini pore charcoal bambu

  • Important information

    Always use it wet.

    Reusable for up to two months.

    Biodegradable. You can burry it in your own garden or flower pot for compost. Vegan product.

    Non eatable.

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