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100% natural konjac sponge is a basic product in the everyday skincare routine.

The regular use of the konjac sponge helps to deep and gentle exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

The konjac wipe it can be use as a makeup remover for water-based cosmetics or just add your make remover oil to you face and remove it with your wipe. You may repeat this procedure two times to get rid of all makeup. For cleaning your wipe, use makeup remover once a week on your wipe.

Made from konjac. 100% biodegradable, no odor.




Put your sponge in water for a few minutes, remove excess water. Give a soft massage to your skin. You can add soap if you like but there is no need. Rinse your sponge and hang in a ventilated space.



Up to two months. Biodegradable



Natural: For delicate skin, babies, children and elderly people. It is the basic type and is good for all skin types.


  • Product Information

    Always use it wet.

    Reusable for up to two months.

    Biodegradable. You can burry it in your own garden or flower pot for compost. Vegan product.

    Non eatable.

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